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Anonymous asked: Ohhh aha okay, well tats are awesome, what do you have planned? (if you don't mind saying)

Don’t mind at all :)

I want to get a map so when I travel I can fill in places I go

I want to get a compass because it’ll represent not only adventure but how through all my struggles I’ve found my way

I want an arrow(s) to represent sort of like the compass, how no matter how many times I was pulled back I was still able to be shot forward

I want a Hamsa because if you’ve read the Hamsa Prayer I really feel connected to the prayer

I would love to get a wolf- probably on my leg-  because I’ve always had an obsession with Native American beliefs and the wolf represents an appetite for freedom as well as a few other things I feel I side with. 

I plan on getting something with my friend, we haven’t really figured out what but we still think it would be really cool. 

I also plan on getting something to signify my love for the outdoors, camping has always been a big part of my life as well as exploring, it’s the place I go to feel calm and where stress fades away from me. The out doors have played a big part in my life growing up and getting something to represent that would be really awesome.

Also a dream catcher (still in thought) because I’m obsessed with them.


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Fern canyon | Kevin Russ

whole larder love


whole larder love

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